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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Why is Islam frowned upon?

Why is Islam frowned upon?
Especially in America?

I come from a contrast of backgrounds; my mother is Irish and a Christian follower. Whereas my father was Jamaican- Indian and a Muslim.
I have a very good understanding of both religions, I respect both. However, I have never been made or even asked to pick one over the other. So yes, in a sense I have been brought up without a religion but I have learnt different morals from both.

I visited Iraq, with my aunt, before the war started about six years ago and it was a beautiful place, I hate to think what this war has done to it. Since then I’ve been interested in places such as Iraq, and mainly Afghanistan. My favourite author has recently become Khaled Hosseini (Writer of “The Kite Runner” & “A Thousand Splendid Suns”) despite the fact he writes beautifully, it’s the stories he tells. It's sad because they face enough horror within their homeland and they don’t deserve that; many look for a way out. So what happens next? They move to places such as America in order to gain a better way of life, a safer one and a happier one. Having a developing love for stories of Afghanistan and Islam altogether, I found a book that caught my attention: “American Islam – A Search for the soul of a religion” It really opened my eyes to the reality of it all and it told me that, unfortunately, after moving to this country they originally thought would be there safe way out they are faced with more & more constant battles. I don’t think enough of us really realise what the people within the Islamic faith have to go through; it’s not nice at all. Why make it worse by discriminating?

Islam is the second largest religion in America, next to Christianity, and yet 60% of Americans claim to have never met a Muslim...? I think we have a serious problem with the general knowledge that most people are lacking. When things like Al-Qaeda take place it understandably creates worries within people. But to act like those certain irresponsible, and possibly crazy, people represent the whole of the Islamic faith is so wrong beyond belief. 90% of Muslims do not support Al-Qaeda and groups similar to this, in fact they do not even sympathise with them. So maybe we need to realise that the majority of us have the wrong view of Islam and its people. The media portrays terrorists groups to, in a sense, lead the Muslim people. And if not lead then certainly take into action what Islam teaches. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Islam does not enforce an act of terrorism. Yes, it does speak of non-believers and what their punishments should be. But can you honestly say that Christianity does not also teach us something extremely similar; that non-believers of the Christian faith will, and should, burn in hell. A significantly small number of Muslim people believe that things such as 9/11 are good, but that minority (supporters of things such as 9/11) cannot be the reason to discriminate against Islam. The Muslim people have never once said “these terrorists are what Islam is about”. Because it’s not.
Let’s all gain a full understanding; we need to use our minds, we need to stop being so narrow-minded and only allowing ourselves to have limited knowledge when in actual fact, we could and we should have endless.

And before you go and say but they’ve done so many terrible things... etc etc.
Think about the current war in Iraq. I know I am right in saying that the majority of our soldiers would call themselves, if asked, “Christian men”.
If they call themselves Christian men then why are they raping mothers and children, beating and torturing fathers and sons? This is not what Christianity is about. But yet in places such as Iraq these are the people we have sent in, these are the people we are allowing to call Christian men. This is wrong. No wonder why America is disliked by so many Muslim people. But wait, before you say “well yes, this is true, but a group such as Al-Qaeda have come to America and destroyed some of our lives, so how is there a difference between the two?”
The difference is that we have two choices on who to choose as our representatives of Islam, we have; the terrorists (remembering that they are the minority of Islam) and the Muslims coming to America for better lives, and even the ones that have been brought up all their lives in America, or even the ones that are still suffering for no apparent reason in their own countries (remembering that they are the majority). Why are we choosing to see Islam as what the terrorists do when, really, we know we shouldn’t be? We have choices of how to view Islam, let’s make the right one.
Muslim people in Islamic countries do not have choices, they see what we show them and currently they are seeing terrible things.

So, I have some questions; why do people limit themselves to their surroundings and not embrace the cultures of others? Why don’t we question things that are told to us in the media? Why do we self consciously refuse to gain at least the smallest understanding for other religions besides our own, or other country’s beside the one they are currently living in?

Don’t judge too quickly. Educate yourselves.

I look forward to all your replies as always!
Much Love,

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I've missed this song!

Even Though This Song Was Made And Released Before I Was Born I Remember Listening To It All The Time In The Car With My Mum On Our Little Cassette Player! Haha.

I've Been Listening To This Song Again & Ahh It Just Makes Me Feel Beautiful. Seriously :)

But Yeah Incase You Had Forgotten What It Sounded Like Or Have Never Heard It I Felt The Need To Bless You With It;

Minnie Ripperton - Loving You.
(May Take A While To Load - Be Patient)

The Song just makes me feel so happy about my own current love life.
Such a beautiful song, in my opinion.

Anyways, Getting to the point, I recently heard Leona Lewis singing it.
And to be blunt; its bloody amazing.
Listen to it;

Leona Lewis - Loving You
(May Take A While To Load - Be Patient)

Beautiful, Right?
Well. Maybe Its Not Your Thing, But I Love It.
& I Miss Music Like This.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Problems With Race.

I Recently had a conversation with a friend on myspace.
Before I Copy & paste my part of the conversation I want you to feel open minded. forget your beliefs about race for a split second and then tell me what your opinion is. and whether you agree or disagree.

Ok so.
Here is the messages from me.

1st response;
its just this world we live in.
Allll the bloody time people are defined by race and I dont think people are allowing themselves to accept the fact that white, black and asian people are supposed to interact with each other.
We're humans.. we are part of the SAME species. Race shouldn't define us at all. this is the 21st century, I mean seriously.
Like, I hear so many black people talking about we need to stand up for our race and work as one.
WTF!!! There shouldn't be a divide between races. why must we stand as just black/white/asian people. why can't we stand as just people. the world would be alot better if people forgot that different races exsisted and realised that we're the same and in general we want the same things for our race so why we're working in seperate "teams" is just beyond me.
this world could do alot of good if we weren't so concerned with the pride of our skin colours.
Your pride shouldnt be damaged if you work as one with a person of a different ethnicity to yourself.
its just stupid.

My second response;
Your right about the circle of killing people but thats what im saying. Why dont we stand as a species, we would be unstopable and so strong and the world would be a verrry beautiful place as it's supposed to be. why is there a need to kill anyone, and if there is a need, the need shouldnt be "because he was white" or "because he's black" you see what I mean? everything is morally wrong in this world. I fucking hate it.

and to be really honest I hate black people alot of the time. I mean we're all out there talking about "we need to stand up and be strong as black people"... reh reh reh reh reh. and yet we still follow the opinion that black people arent as good as white people. although we dont like that opinion, we follow in it and we try and try to get rid of it but by doing stupid things such as black on black crime we self conciously enforce it.
and then that gives white people the right to support that opinion because really we are never giving them or anyone enough reason to think different.

do you see what I'm saying?

I think it can be solved if everyone just lets go of their beliefs for a split second, looks around at the world and see's that we are the same as one another.
In general we all want a nicer world but we're trying to find a nicer world for just our own races and so we colide with other races along the way that are trying to do the same as us but maybe have slightly different approaches.
If we just stop. work together as a species then the nicer world we're all looking for will be found naturally because we will of found peace. because everyone will accept eachother.

It sounds cheesy but its very true.
do you see what im satying?

Ok. So.
How Do You Feel?

Saturday, 23 February 2008


Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Bon Giorno, Guten Tag, Ni hao, Dia Duit, Namaste, Zdravstvuite, Yia sou, Dobry rano, Ohayou gozaimasu, Shalom, Marhabah, Hej, Goedendag, Jambo, Chao, Ahn nyeong ha se yo, Bom dia, Hyvää päivää.
In The Words Of Miss Knowles; "Im A World Wide Woman"

I Wanted This First Post To Be One Where You Could Understand Me.
Not The Fakeness That The Internet Can Often Assume Someone/Something Is.
I Want YOU To Know Me.
I Want YOU To Decide Whether Or Not You Like Me;
Then You & I Will Know Whether It Is A Waste Of Time You Reading This.

So.. This Is Me.
Naked And Free;

My Name Is Lareesa Rene'. But That's Kinda Long Winded, Right? Yep; Thought So. So Please, Call Me Reesa. Most Do = ]
I Live In Wales, UK. In A City Called Swansea. Its BOMB.
I Live With My Mum, My Sister & My Two Brothers. Although Its Only The Five Of Us, My Family Is Massive. Our Celebrations Are So Dope! You Wish You Could Be There =D
I Am Only 17 Years Old, Although I Have The Mind Of Someone Double My Age. Im Very Mature, It May Scare You.
Im Unique In My Own Way & Refuse To Be A Follower; They Suck.
Im A Culture Addict. I Think Korean People Are The Most Beautiful In World, Unfortunatly I Have No Korean In Me = But I Am A Mixture Of Cultures, Im Irish, Jamaican & Indian. How Beautiful! Im So Proud To Be A Part Of All Three. = ]
I Think Racism Is The Lowest Of Low, I Have No Time For People That Hate On Others Simply Because Of Their Skin Colour. & Its Getting So Bad That I Hear Black People Hating On Blacks, Saying Things Like "Blick". Black Is Beautiful. So Is White. Why Does There Have To Be Any Conflict?
I Want To Be Universal. Im Going To Take Over With Whatever Career I Choose. Nothing Is Out Of Reach For Me. I Strive To Be The Best, And Quite Frankly, I Usually Am =]
Oh & May I Just Say, I Am NOT!! I Repeat, NOT Anorexic. Its Not Clever To Hate Me Because Of The Way In Which I Was Built. I Eat... Alot Infact. So Boo You! =
I Love People That Are Wierd & Different, I Dont Want The People In My Life To Be The Same As One Another I Like Differences... There Beautiful And Life Is Way Too Short To Do Just The Ordinary. Lets Go Fuckin'Crazyyyy =D

So, To Sum Up;
Im Lareesa.

Nice To Meet You All.